Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Went to Philly for Arden "Passion"

To die loved is to have lived.

Once again, Terry Teachout has inspired me to travel outside NYC to the theater. 

After reading his positive review - ‘Passion’ Review: A Sondheim Revival in Philadelphia Sizzles - I immediately purchase a ticket to see the Arden Theatre production, not wanting to miss another solid production after the CSC production a few years ago. 

Once again, I was not disappointed. 

I was immediately caught up in this Sondheim/Lapine musical about love and obsession and still cannot get the music out of my head. In fact, I am playing the OBC as I write this post. The cast was top notch, and I was especially moved by Liz Filios' unrelenting Fosca. 

Overall, a very positive experience at Arden, a theater now on my radar. 

Passion unfortunately ends this weekend and closes the 2014/2015 Arden season. Next year looks quite promising though, and I may have to make a Philly trip to see the revivals of Two Trains Running and The Secret Garden.

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