Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Popstar Rihanna and Playwrights Have in Common

Recently, there has been a lot of press surrounding bubblegum popstar Rihanna's fondness for the c-word. It turns out that the c-word is used casually in her island hometown of Barbados and is not at all offensive there. However here in the US, when she kept referring to those around her using the c-word, someone had to pull her aside and say - uhm, that's offensive.

But I find it a little funny that there is so much press about the word because I hear the cringe-worthy word quite a bit on the New York City stage. Let's see the ones I can recall easily off the top of my head: 
  • By a husband to his wife in Marie and Bruce 
  • By a mother in Cradle and All
  • Then in that awful Broadway production of That Championship Season
  • Then again in Jerusalem, then The Book of Mormon, and of course how can I forget Silence! The Musical where it is used in a song. 
Perhaps, someone should pull the writers aside and say - uhm, that's offensive.

Running list of new plays I've seen (since this posting) with the c-word in it:
The Atmosphere of Memory
Venus in Fur
Burmese Days
Happy Hour (City Lights)
Outside People
Hurt Village (Interestingly by a female playwright)
pool (no water)
Clybourne Park 
If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet
Emotional Creature 
The Flick
Really Really 
I Know What Boys Want 
Bad Jews 
Taking Care of Baby

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