Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They Did It Their Way - "Traces" and "Noctu"

In the show notes for Traces, where seven performers engage in fun, heart-thumping circus acrobatics at the Union Square Theatre, the Montreal based 7 Fingers Production writes:  

...what would circus performers do if they had it their way? What kind of circus troupe would they create if they were allowed to do more than just their speciality act and push themselves to the furthest limits of their abilities.
A similar theme can be seen easily in the show notes for the dance play Noctu at the Irish Repertory Theatre where the creator - Eriu Dance Company writes:
...I would often find myself sitting in small, beautiful theatres wondering what I could do with such spaces - given the Riverdance shows...lent themselves to larger stages...a separation of performers and audience...Here the nuances of the dance are often lost and I felt that it would be exciting to reintroduce them and highlight the stuff of the dance that excites the dancer.
The artists behind these two productions - Traces and Noctu - did it their way and what they have done is give New York city audiences an intimate and entertaining view into the lives of circus performers and Irish dancers.

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