In a recent Off Broadway performance at the Public Theatre, someone's mobile phone went off (even though the ushers kindly asked everyone to please shut off their mobile phones as theatergoers walked in to the theater and again before the production started). 

I am astounded at how often this occurs.  Come on theatergoers, how difficult is it to turn off or silence (not vibrate but silence) your mobile before the production starts.

So, with this said, what better time than now to go over my broadway theater pet peeves.

01. Texting or emailing during the performance.

02. Ringing cell phones during the performance.
03. Showing up late for the performance.

04. The performance not starting on time.

05. Unwrapping of an annoying candy wrapper during the performance.

06. Chatting or providing commentary during the performance.

07. Theatergoers who bring smelly food into the theater. 

08. Gum chewers (we hear you!)

09. Theatergoers who lean forward in their seat. Thanks a lot - chances are, you have now obstructed the view of the person behind you.
10. The long lines at the ladies room.

11. Theatergoers who fall asleep during the show.

12. Theatergoers who mindlessly play with their electronic gadgets during intermission. Remember when we used to talk about the performance or read the playbill.

13. Taking photographs during the performance.
14. Making a mad dash for the exits during the curtain call. 

15. Theatergoers who put their feet up on the seats.  

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