Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hey, I Had a Session with Freud Too

Freud's Last Session at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater is a well acted intellectual debate between Sigmund Freud (the founder of psychoanalysis) and C.S. Lewis (the Narnia writer) about God. The debate (amazingly staged in a replica of Freud's study - Google "Freud's study" to see images) takes places on the eve of England's entrance into World War II and at a time when when Freud is battling mouth cancer. Therefore, death is easily within the reach of both characters played by Martin Rayner (as Freud) and Mark H. Dold (as Lewis).

Will you leave this production with a new outlook on the existence of God? No, you will not. It simply presents both views. However,will you have spent 80 minutes intellectually revisiting an old topic, yes, you will have.

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