Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Shed a Tear for a "War Horse"

If you were to describe the stage production War Horse to me, I would probably have a hard time envisioning it, even after seeing productions such as The Lion King and Avenue Q. However, what Lincoln Center and the National Theatre of Great Britain have developed is pure genius.

A young boy (Albert) bonds with a horse (Joey) - depicted by a puppet controlled by three handlers. Joey is sold to the cavalry and Albert joins the army, determined to find his beloved horse. From the production notes, we learned that 1,000,000 English horses were shipped off to France during World War I but only 62,000 survived.

Will Albert and Joey survive barb wire, machine guns and war tanks and be reunited? Oh, just lose yourself in this engrossing epic and find out. In the midst of warfare, War Horse is a grand production that touches your heart, and if you are not careful it may just make you shed a tear.

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