Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They Command the Stage But Can They Fill the House...

Holland Taylor and Fiona Shaw both command the stage in their respective one woman shows now playing on Broadway. Both are captivating in their portraits of real and fascinating women - politician Ann Richards (a Democrat and the 45th Governor of Texas) and Mary of Nazareth...you know...mother of Jesus. As I sat through both performances though, I wondered why the plays are mounted on the Broadway stage and not a smaller, more intimate theater elsewhere. And as I skimmed through Broadway grosses last night, the same question came to mind once again.

Now, to be fair, The Testament of Mary has not officially opened yet. Therefore, who knows what kind of reviews it will receive and what that will do for ticket sales. Something tells me though that the artsy rambling piece with its vulture and symbolism may not be for the masses. Ann averages a B on StageGrade (and I'm not sure what's going on with the folks over at Curtain Critic; they don't seem to be updating their site any longer.)

So, let's look at some numbers:

Grosses are - for the week ending:
02/24/2013 - $262,436 or 28.31% of potential
03/03/2013 - $294,156 or 27.77%
03/10/2013 - $337,687 or 35.50%
03/24/2013 - $363,340 or 34.30%
03/31/2013 - $286,869 or 27.08%
04/07/2013 - $308,202 or 29.09%

The Testament of Mary 

Grosses are - for the week ending:
03/31/2013 - $191,134 or 30.27% of potential
04/07/2013 - $196,495 or 26.82%


According to Ann's website, the show is extended through September 1st. And The Testament of Mary opens later this month. Will Ann make it to September? What will become of The Testament of Mary? (Goodness, I sound like that sitcom Soap from the late 70s.) Now, throw in Bette Midler's I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers, another one woman show about another real life and fascinating woman, and stay tuned...

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