Sunday, April 7, 2013

Off/Off Off Broadway Keeping It Relevant

Packed with revivals, feel good pieces and long running productions, Broadway isn't the most relevant place. Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway do a much better job of tackling current issues.  

Michael Perlman's From White Plains, which recently had a short run at The Studio Theater at Signature, tackled bullying from a gay perspective. Laura Marks' Bethany tackled the story of a woman desperately trying to navigate the financial crisis. I suppose Paul Downs Colaizzo's Really Really tackles today's twenty-something generation. But please don't get me started on that right now. 

Instead get me started instead on revenge or involuntary porn. 

In the press at the moment, there is a story about a class action suit by a group of victims against a public humiliation revenge porn website, where men post explicit photos and other personal information about unknowing ex-girlfriends.Yes, some may blame the victims. Why did they take explicit photos in a time when digital files can spread quicker than they can say cheese. But does that give these men the right to publicly post these photos?
Definitely an interesting and newsworthy topic.
If this case interests you and you are a theaterlover, then check out Penny Brandt Jackson's quick-paced Off Off Broadway play I Know What Boys Want now playing at Theater Workshop. Meet prep school girl Vicky. Oliver has put something in her drink. In a drugged/drunken haze, she has sex with her boyfriend Roger. Oliver secretly videos the encounter and then to get back at his friend Roger for a past prank proceeds to gradually upload scenes on the internet. What the hell does Vicky do now?  What can she even do? 

The images will never ever go away.

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