Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quote from David Ives "All in the Timing - The Philadelphia"

Al and Mark in David Ives' one act comedy The Philadephia: 
AL. Yes, physically you are in New York. But metaphysically you are in a Philadelphia. 

MARK. I've never heard of this!

AL. You see, inside of what we know as reality there are these pockets, these black holes called Philadelphias. If you fall into one, you run up against the kinda shit that's been happening to you all day. 

MARK. Why? 

AL. Because in a Philadelphia, no matter what you ask for, you can't get it. You ask for something, they're not gonna have it. You want to do something, it ain't gonna get done. You want to go somewhere, you can't get there from here.

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