Saturday, April 6, 2013

Animals (Literally) on the New York City Stage

Sunny..Macaco..Vito Vincent

It is not uncommon to see furry creatures on the Broadway stage. 

There is Sandy (played by Sunny) in Annie. Having won front row seats in the Annie lottery, I had as much fun watching Sandy's animated trainer off stage as I did Daddy Warbucks. Sandy has an interesting story. Turns out she was on death row in a Texas animal shelter 24 hours away from her last breath when she was discovered by trainer William Berloni. Now, she and understudy Casey are doing their part to delight audiences over at the Palace Theatre. 

And who can forget Stephanie J. Block's cuddly Macaco who appeared in one of the funniest moments in the recent Broadway production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood? Ms. Block says the Maltese/Yorkie mix can be an a-hole but that cutie (Macaco and I guess you too Ms. Block) made me laugh.   

Now, the cats from Breakfast at Tiffany's have been getting more press on the New York City Stage blog than some of my theater idols. One cat was fired. Another wanted a car and driver. At this point, I can't keep up. When does Breakfast at Tiffany's close? When will the cat drama end?

No, it is not uncommon to see furry creatures on the Broadway stage. But theaterlovers, I experienced a first earlier this week. I saw my first vulture on the Broadway stage in The Testament of Mary. I don't see predatory birds every day in NYC. Last fall, I stumbled on this hawk chowing down on some poor creature. I and a group of onlookers were in awe as we observed lunch.
Photos by RH

But I digress; let's get back to Pinhead. Check out this link to a Paul Kolnik photo of the incomparable Fiona Shaw and Broadway's newest star Pinhead in The Daily News.
Linked in from Daily News. Photo by Paul Kolnik

Now, if you have any interest in The Testament of Mary, you must arrive at the Walter Kerr Theatre early and check out the vulture (I wonder if the bird has an understudy). You can walk on stage and get a close look at the predator and what some are calling an art installation. It is definitely not something you get to see often on the Broadway stage.

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