Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Who's Your Daddy?" And I Don't Mean Those "Annie" Posters Around Town


Uganda forced me to live in the present - apathy was no longer an option - and everything seemed possible again...Johnny O'Callaghan

The year is 2006. Actor Johnny O'Callaghan has just walked in on his lover in a compromising position with twins. He later runs into a colleague who is going to Uganda of all places to shoot a documentary about kids in an orphanage. Still devastated from his breakup, down on his luck, and not really caring whether he lives or dies, Johnny decides to tag along with his colleague to Uganda. And you know what...his life changes forever.

Now, if you can't score tickets to the splashy Broadway musical The Book of Mormon and want to experience a Uganda story...this time from an Irish actor's perspective, then you may want to head a mile or so south of the theater district to the cozy studio at the Irish Repertory Theatre in Chelsea to experience Johnny O'Callaghan's inspiring nine-month adventure to adopt a little African boy in Who's Your Daddy?

In 80 riveting minutes, Johnny O'Callaghan will remind you that offshore adoption is not reserved just for Hollywood celebrities superstars; even us single folks can make a difference. But better yet, he will inspire you to persevere even when others tell you that what you want is impossible.

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