Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Still Can't Wait to Get to "The Mountaintop"

I was dining with a friend. Knowing that I am a theater enthusiast, she asked what was I excited about on the stage. I did not know where to begin – Patti LuPone, Nina Arianda, Chinglish, Alicia Keys, Tanya Pinkins, Ellen Burstyn… So I mentioned The Mountaintop since I had already purchased tickets to see the show. I told her a bit about the play - how it was written by a young African American women and imagines the evening before MLK’s death. I also mentioned that Samuel L Jackson was playing MLK and it was at that moment that my friend broke down and began to laugh almost uncontrollably. Obviously, she could not imagine Mr. Jackson playing the venerable MLK.


So, this weekend, I finally get to see The Mountaintop. Unfortunate for me, disgruntled audience member Carol revealed the twist in play in her user review on Broadwaybox.com. Thanks a lot Carol for the spoiling the play for those interested. Real nice girlfriend!! Also, according to a New York Post article by Michael Riedel’s, Mr. Jackson’s performance has been tentative during previews; he seems to be very nervous about his Broadway debut. However, even after this and my friend's laughter, I am still optimistic. From what I’ve read, Angela Bassett gives a knock-out performance, and after New York Magazine’s wonderful article In Search of Lost Time about re-creating the Memphis motel room where MLK spent his final night in 1968, I still can’t wait to see the show. Hopefully, the reviews won't change this when they come in on Friday. 

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