Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did I Make a Folly Seeing "FOLLIES"?

So, what did I like about FOLLIES currently playing at the Marquis Theatre.

  1. Wonderful classics by Stephen Sondheim.
  2. I loved the set and how the grey torn fabric extended to the whole theater.
  3. The concept - reconnecting with the ghost of our younger selves.
  4. This production went all out with a huge cast and big production.

However, the following fell flat for me.

  1. I was a little disappointed with Bernadette Peters' performance. I was so looking forward to seeing her but her performance was not remarkable. I am the first to get choked up at the theater but Bernadette Peters' performance of Losing My Mind evoked little emotion in me. Jan Maxwell however was a delight to watch.
  2. There was so much going on in the first act. Was I watching a musical or just a revue?
  3. The dialogue - a few words and then walk off stage - I did not like this in Baby It's You and I did not like it in FOLLIES.
  4. The transition to Loveland. Excuse me, but did I blink and miss something?
With the star power of Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell and Elaine Page and rave reviews from many many critics, I should have loved FOLLIES. However, while I found some moments wonderful, overall, my experience at FOLLIES was not the most memorable and at Broadway ticket prices, I am disappointed.

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