Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frances McDormand's Get Up at the Tony Awards

Many years ago, I attended a wedding and one of the guests casually arrived in jeans and boots. Everyone at my table (including me) spoke about the ill-dressed guest. My take was that the guest did not respect and take the occasion seriously by not bothering to be presentable.  

As I was watched Frances McDormand's acceptance speech at Sunday's Tony Awards, I was surprised at how disheveled she looked. Like the guest from that wedding many years ago, I felt that she did not respect the occasion. So, while not good, this made my list of memorable moments from the telecast and not surprising, the ungroomed Frances McDormand donning a denim jacket was the subject of many articles and comments the following day

I performed a quick search to see if she dressed like this at other award ceremonies such as when she won the academy award for Fargo. She did not; she was rather elegant and coherent. 

 However, I did notice that she wore the same unflattering dress sans denim jacket to the film premiere of "Burn After Reading" at the Venice Film Festival a few years ago.

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