Monday, April 18, 2011

Will My Love Song Fade?

I took my seat in the corner of Theater A at a recent performance of Love Song at 59E59 Theaters. I sat among a group of seniors. On the other side of the theater, there appeared to be a large group of high school girls. As the play progressed, the young girls laughed and overall enjoyed the show. The seniors around me on the other hand did not appear to be having as good a time.  The gentleman next to me looked at his watch over and over, anxiously waiting for the 90 minute play with no intermission to come to an end.  At one point, the woman he was with leaned over and (I suspect) asked if they should leave.  But how do you leave such a small theater without disrupting everyone. They stayed until the end.

I must admit that it took me a few minutes to warm up to Love Song, but somewhere along the 90 minute journey I became hooked.  I was drawn into - not Harry and Joan's world - but Beane's loneliness and then his coming alive. At the end of the performance, I left the theater recalling how refreshing the possibility of love could be and overall optimistic. However, now a few days later, I can't help but recall the disparity between the young girls' reaction and those of the seniors and wonder if my optimism will eventually fade....

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