Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SLP is working on 2 musicals, FCH (4, 5, & 6), 2 new plays, a tv show, 2 movies, and her band...

Earlier this summer, I visited Vermont. While chit chatting with a local, he joked that Vermonters usually have more than one job - like Jamaicans, a reference to the Hey Mon skits from the In Living Color comedy sketch tv series from the 90s. This past weekend, as I arrived at Signature center early to experience the second of Suzan-Lori Parks tragic red letter plays - In the Blood, the playwright herself was in the cafe performing with her band - sula and the noise. As I stood there, I recalled listening to a talk where the playwright itemized ALL the projects she is working on:

  • Writing two musicals - one an adaptation of The Harder They Come and the other a musical with Timbaland
  • Working on Father Comes Home - Parts 4, 5 and 6
  • Two new plays that - she would not disclose the titles but promises that they are fun
  • A television show
  • Two different movies
  • And she writes songs and plays with her band (you can see her some Saturdays at Signature Center)

Then I recalled my conversation with the Vermonter and thought Suzan-Lori Parks could very well be a Vermonter...better yet, a Jamaican...

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