Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lynn Nottage's "Intimate Apparel" at the McCarter Theater Center

A production of Intimate Apparel is currently mounted at the McCarter Theatre Center through June 4th. It is well worth a day trip to Princeton NJ to experience this wonderful play written by two time Pulitzer winner - Lynn Nottage. 

As a fan of actress Quincy Tyler Bernstine, I was pleased to witness the dignity and determination she brought to the role of Esther, the black seamstress who in the early 1900s supports herself by creating intimate apparel for women - wealthy and otherwise - and dreams of love and marriage like many young women then and now.

As a seamstress, Esther lovingly strokes and admires various fabrics throughout Intimate Apparel. This poster board outside the theater displays the fabrics seen and mentioned in the production. Definitely spend a few moments and see the fabrics up close. 


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