Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Orlando Orlando Orlando

For months now, my family and I have been planning to head down to happy happy Orlando later this summer to have a mini reunion. While planning this trip, it has been absolutely shocking and horrible to watch the tragedies that have occurred in Orlando in recent weeks. 

A 22 year old former Voice singer was shot and killed while signing autographs after a show. 

A Nebraskan toddler was dragged and killed by an alligator in a Disney lagoon. 

And the deadliest mass shooting occurred at a gay Orlando nightclub, killing 49 victims and fracturing countless lives. 

Absolutely horrible! Absolutely senseless!

Love though will always prevail over evil and there has been an outpouring of love from ALL around the world. 

Broadway's best responded with their touching tribute -  What The World Needs Now Is Love. 

Here it is...

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