Saturday, January 10, 2015

Broadway in 2014

The Shows That Opened on Broadway in 2014
Broadway can be a complicated place. Most shows won't recoup. It's hard to make a living but boy can you make a killing. Last weekend, on one day alone, six shows closed including the wonderful Side Show revival, which really should have a place on a Broadway stage but currently does not. 

Yet, with all this said, 2014 was the highest grossing and most attended year in Broadway history. Some 13+ million people attended shows and box offices took in $1.36B. Hollywood stars such as Denzel, Bradley, Hugh and Emma graced the stage. Broadway, you were good to NYC in 2014.  

On this cold winter day, as I ruminate about the Roll of shows I had the good fortune to see, I realize how much I love every bit of the complicated Great White Way, and I hurt when shows are forced to close because I see how much effort goes into each production.  

Overall, Machinal was my ultimate favorite Broadway show this year.Thank you Roundabout for introducing me to this Sophie Treadwell gem and classic. If Cicely Tyson charmed me in 2013 with her Bountiful performance, then it was LaTanya Richardson Jackson who delighted me in 2014 as Lena Younger in A Raisin in the Sun. I was roused by Joshua Henry's "Let It Sing" in Violet. And after events such as this week's Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, I appreciate a playwright such as Ayad Akhtar and his artistic exploration of Muslim related themes.  

Broadway, I will always support you. Critics say that you are overrun with jukebox and Disney musicals and sell out to big names. But, I recognize that you are a business and I peer through your veil, search for your gems, and today, I am satisfied...   

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