Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Song That Inspired a Novel That Became a Swedish Film and then an American Film and now a Scottish Play

Ah ... let the right one slip in 
And when at last it does 
I'd say you were within your rights to bite 
The right one and say, "what kept you so long ?" 
"What kept you so long?" 
When a piece is produced over and over in all sorts of formats, you have a classic. And that is exactly what Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist has created in his 2004 novel - Let the Right One In. The story touches on so much - including a coming of age romance, bullying, loneliness, divorce, alcoholism, etc.. And oh yeah, it includes a vampire. 

Meet Oskar, a lonely 12 year old coping with bullying and divorced parents. He befriends Eli, who has just moved in next door. Eli also happens to be a vampire, who also has her own survival challenges. Eli encourages Oskar to fight back, as the two outcasts form a close friendship and bond...

The novel, whose title is inspired by a Morrissey tune, has been made into two films. And now, a stage version by the National Theatre of Scotland has come to the New York City stage. The play is well worth the trip to the tip of Brooklyn to see. It plays through February 15th at St. Ann's Warehouse. If you can't get to Brooklyn, then check out either of the films. 

In the meantime, I await a dance interpretation of this classic...

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