Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Carnaval" - A Companion Piece to "Roadkill"

Last year, Cora Bissett's Roadkill, an immersive play about sex trafficking was one of my favorite productions of the year. I was so moved by the St. Ann's Warehouse production that I later attended a forum sponsored by the British Council and NYU Law School just so that I could participate in a conversation about this topic about the victimization of young girls and women. 

This year, Nikkole Salter continues the conversation by exploring sex tourism and the demand for this sort of sex in her play Carnaval, now playing at the National Black Theatre in Harlem. The play takes place in the 1990s. Three young men from Brooklyn head to Rio to live large and partake in the sex tourism industry there. Eventually, things falls apart in Rio for the men and their friendship is forever tested. 

If you have an interest in this topic, Ms. Salter's play is a must see. It is an interesting perspective. I can't say that I understand the demand to exploit poor young girls and women any better after seeing her play, but I definitely appreciate that this topic has returned to the New York City stage. Carnaval opens tomorrow and runs through November 16th.       

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