Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The Lion King" Cast Performs on the NYC Subway

Ever try to read a book or magazine during a ride on the A train and then just plain give up due to the cast of characters parading through the cars??

You've seen them. The kid selling candy so that he doesn't have to rob people. The zealot determined to save your soul. That guy who sells pirated DVDs. The panhandling "deaf" girl who leaves a card dangling precariously off your kneecap (now what are you suppose to do when it falls on the filthy subway ground?). What about that guy who carries around a duffel bag literally screaming whether anyone wants a sandwich as he solicits for the homeless. And finally, those break-dancing kids with their sneakers inches from your head as they flip through the car and twirl around the poles. The joys of riding the NYC subway...

But wait, I think that I found a performance that I wouldn't have mind seeing! 

Recently, Broadway cast members from The Lion King (my favorite Disney film of all time) thrilled strap-hangers when out of the blue they burst into a performance of "Circle of Life" on the NYC subway.  

Oh, why couldn't I have been there? Finally a performance that I would have gladly put away my book for...

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