Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random Happenings - November 2013

Madman out to get the TSA shoots up LAX. The NYC marathon returns. Toronto mayor admits to smoking crack. NYC picks a new mayor after 12 years. FDA bans trans fats and NYC passes "Tobacco 21" legislation. Patrick Stewart helps ring opening bell for Twitter IPO. Supertyphoon slams Phillipines. New WTC recognized as largest building in US. Bloomberg News shuts down Muse Arts & Culture and lays off theater critic. San Francisco comes out for Bat Kid. Press agent sues Rebecca producers. Author Doris Lessing fades. Broadway extraordinaire Hugh Jackman says he removed cancer from his nose. Press says Spider-Man to close with historic losses up to $60M. JFK is remembered. Alabama parole board grants posthumous pardons to "Scottsboro Boys." Performance of Lincoln Center's Macbeth ends after the lights go out. Black Friday outshines Thanksgiving Day. Harvey Fierstein says he is proud of Kinky Boots after Macy's parade backlash.

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