Monday, November 4, 2013

Two 10PM Shows I Saw This Weekend

Want a bit of plot with your burlesque? Better yet, want plot and some Shakespeare-esque poetry with your burlesque? Then head over to the Tim Tam Room at ARS Nova, grab a drink from the bar, plant yourself in an uncomfortable cafe chair and experience Matthew-Lee Erlbach's and burlesque starlet Tansy's Eager to Lose. Between burlesque numbers, there is a quite a bit of scheming taking place backstage to take over the Tim Tam Room. A special shout out to the jazz quartet and a fun time...well worth the trip to the far West Side. 

Don't really care about plot and poetry and need a little more than burlesque, then make the easy trip to Union Square and check out  La SoirĂ©e, a circus for grown-ups. Fuel yourself with a little alcohol from the bar, grab a seat (a color coded wristband will direct you to where you can sit) and be prepared for a little stand-up, a little burlesque, a little singing (thanks to Meow Meow) and oh-yeah a few amazing circus stunts. 

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