Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freestyling Transmogrification

I am still not quite sure what transmogrification means, but I sure had a blast hearing the hip hop improv crew - freestyle love supreme - freestyle the heck out of the term recently at Joe's Pub. Using cues from the audience, freestyle love supreme comes up with instantaneous hip hop inspired rhymes and beats. 

At the show I attended last week, in addition to freestyling transmogrification, the crew comprised of Anthony Veneziale, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Arthur Lewis, Chris Jackson, Chris Sullivan et al also improv-ed: 
  • A second chance for an audience member who literally had her face chewed off by a German Shepherd at age 7.
  • Personal accounts involving the term --- broccoli.
  • And an interesting day in the life of a Weehawken woman who works for Broadway  design company in Long Island city. 
Always a fan of improv, I enjoyed the show and am definitely adding freestyle love supreme to my "picks" list. They return to Joe's Pub on Sept 5th and 6th

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  1. Very, Very, Very interesting, so the "mystery" is solved..............SMILE....KM