Sunday, June 2, 2013

Corporate Guys Like "Lucky Guy"

I recently had lunch with a few corporate acquaintances and was surprise when the topic of Broadway came up.  One of the fellows - a chap originally from across the pond - recently saw Lucky Guy and liked it so much that he brought it up as a topic of conversation. 

As soon as he mentioned Broadway, I lit up like a Christmas tree and immediately gave a little background on the show including how it is the final play by the late Nora Ephron and how Tom Hanks, a friend of the Ephron, is making his Broadway debut. I even tossed in some trivia about how the play reunites Hanks with his Bosom Buddies costar, Peter Scolari. My fellow diners however had never heard about the 1980s sitcom, and the chap seemed a bit annoyed that I interrupted him. 

As I sat back and allowed the chap to continue his positive feedback of Lucky Guy, it became apparent to me how this piece about ambitious tabloid reporter and Pulitzer prize winner Mike McAlary could be appealing to corporate guys. First of all, it is about business - the business here is the newspaper business but it is business all the way. The cast is primarily male and with this, there are several bar scenes involving male camaraderie. One of only three female roles is that of a brassy foul mouth reporter - a guy's girl. The piece is fast paced - it's moving and shaking all the time. And it is gritty, taking place in crack infused NYC of the 1980s and 1990s. 

So yes corporate guys, Lucky Guy is definitely for you. And if you are looking to take in some art, the play is running at the Broadhurst Theatre through July 3rd.

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