Friday, May 17, 2013

Need a Pick Me Up...Then Check Out "Old Hats"


These days, after crunching numbers all day, I usually need a pick me up by the middle of the week. Bill Irwin and David Shiner's slapstick and clowning around was just what the doctor ordered when I experienced their show Old Hats earlier this week. 

With a near perfect mark from Stagegrade and described as "ebullient" by the Times, I am not sure what took me so long to see this show at the Signature Theater. But I'm glad I I finally did because I smiled until my face almost hurt

Expect skits, live music, audience participation and lots of laughs. Now, sometimes audience participation at the theater can be just plain cheesy, but at Old Hats, this interaction provided some of the most hilarious moments of the evening, especially Cowboy Cinema, where members of the audience film an old western.

I smile now just thinking about it. 
I was equally if not moreso charmed by adorable quirky music director Nellie McKay. Thanks to Ms. Mckay, intermission was actually enjoyable. She delighted those who remained in the Irene Diamond with her ukulele and interesting historical facts about May 15th.  After seeing Ms, Mckay, I immediately added her name to my list of must follow musicians and can't wait to see her again. So glad to see she is performing at JALC and Summerstage next month.  

Needless to say, I enjoyed Old Hats tremendously. If you are not coulrophobic and need a good laugh (like I did earlier this week), head quickly over to Signature and check out Old Hats before it closes on June 9th

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