Friday, March 8, 2013

James Franco, You Are no Broadway Star... Yet.

There used to be a running joke in my former office about how inadequate we felt when we heard about 34 year old James Franco's accomplishments, which are summarized nicely in this NY Times article and comically in a SNL skit.  

Let's see, he is/was a:
  • Hollywood actor
  • award nominee and winner
  • producer
  • director
  • writer
  • painter
  • performance artist
  • teacher
  • masters degree recipient
  • masters and doctoral student
  • host
Then he was supposed to add Broadway star to his CV in a revival of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth, but then he dropped out and the play never graced the New York City stage. Well, now it seems that Mr. Franco is attempting to come back, determined to conquer Broadway. According to his recent appearance on The Colbert Report, he will debut as George in Of Mice and Men on Broadway.

Stay tuned...

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