Friday, February 1, 2013

Random Happenings - January 2013

Switzerland, Australia and Norway rank top places to be born in 2013; Fellow Americans, we tie with Germany at #13. Clara Ann Fowler (aka Patti Page) fades on New Years day in California. War Horse closes. Life Hacker says January, February, September and October are best times to buy Broadway tickets. Al Roker admits that he pooped in his pants and Heidi Klum admits that she likes wild sex. Hillary Clinton gets helmet on return to work after suffering concussion and related blood clot and then says adieu as Secretary of State. "Ghost Skipper" comes and goes in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Peter and the Starcatcher follows trend and moves to New World Stages. Jodie Foster sort of comes out and sort of retires from acting at Golden Globe show. NY AG makes Theater Row provide accessible seats to the disabled. Surprise, Lance Armstrong confesses to doping. Inauguration day comes.  NYT says someone making $70,000 a year in other parts of the country would need to make $166,000 in Manhattan to enjoy the same purchasing power. Phantom celebrates unprecedented 25 years on Broadway while Evita closes at a loss. Rebecca email was sent by whistle blowing press agent Marc Thibodeau. 

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