Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing Can Save "The Performers"

Cheyenne's Jackson's cute abs couldn't save David West Read's The Performers, a plot less 90 minute sitcom of one liners about the porn industry which opened on Broadway this past Wednesday. The Fonz couldn't save it either. And most definitely the overly generous C median rating on StageGrade couldn't. Shame on those theater critics who dragged the median up. Shame on you!! However, reality has set in (Sandy didn't help either) and yes, The Performers will close before schedule - this Sunday according to the show's website, after only 7 performances and 23 previews. Frankly theatergoers, don't be alarmed. You do not have to pay up to $197 for something that you can get from any comedy show on premium cable television or simply streaming the better-written Boogie Nights.  

My Top 3 Theater Review Titles for The Performers
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