Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Happenings - April 2012

New York Post starts April Fool's Day off with funniest jokes. Here's one from Wayne Federman
I just saw “Midnight in Paris.” It really made me want to travel back in time. To the ’70s — so I could see a good Woody Allen movie. 
Shows scramble to make the Tony cutoff.  He's back - Neil Patrick Harris to host Tony show for third time. The Lion King not only rules the jungle but also Broadway after dethroning The Phantom of the Opera as the highest grossing Broadway show of all time. Easter "wilding" takes place in Hell's Kitchen. Men outnumber women at Magic/Bird. Where's Dexter; blood  splatters in Ninth and Joanie. Women drool over Blair Underwood in A Streetcar Named Desire. 30% of internet traffic is porn related. We remember the more than1500 lives lost during sinking of Titanic 100 years ago. Risk of fatal car accidents increase on tax day. Oops, glitch shuts down Ghost The Musical for 25 minutes. Earth Day brings rain to NYC. To close out the month, seven shows open on Broadway in five days. New Yorkers look up in the sky as space shuttle Enterprise soars above. 

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