Thursday, April 12, 2012

Josephine Meckseper - Manhattan Oil Project

I have been running pass artist Josephine Meckseper's Manhattan Oil Project on my way to and from the theater. Yesterday, I actually slowed down for a few seconds to snap a photo of the oil rig that sits in a vacant lot smack in the heart of the theater district. I got a kick out of the danger sign.  

According to a press release on, the pumps stand 25 feet tall and "recall the ruins of ghost towns, forgotten monuments of America's decaying industrial past..." The release goes on to quote the artist as follows, "The critical placement of the of the pumps is a conceptual gesture that raises questions about business and capital; land use and resources; wealth and decay; decadence and dependence."

So not specific to Broadway but a broader statement on America's past and present. How interesting...

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