Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gregor Antonescu, You Are a Psychopath!

With the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, consumer confidence at a three-decade low and Wall Street protests, it is easy to see why someone would want to blow the dust off and produce Terrence Rattigan’s 1963 play - Man and Boy about a manipulative financier trying to save his empire amidst a confidence and liquidity crisis in 1934. 

Financier Gregor Antonescu (played by the awesome Frank Langella) does anything to save his business empire including cooking the books and manipulating those around him, even his loyal son.

Man and Boy is somewhat predictable, but I just ate it up nonetheless given the times we are in, and days later I cannot help but think of an article I recently read in Time magazine. According to the article - Study: 1 in 25 Business Leaders May Be Psychopaths:

Psychopaths, who are characterized by being completely amoral and concerned only with their own power and selfish pleasures, may be overrepresented in the business environment because it plays to their strengths. Where greed is considered good and profitmaking is the most important value, psychopaths can thrive.
Mr. Antonescu, that would be you.

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