Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Noctu" - It Means Bare, Strip, Uncover

When I read the description and saw the banner for Breandán de Gallaí's Noctu with its lounging dancers dressed simply in white, I was not expecting to be reminded so much of traditional Irish dancing and of course - Riverdance. Touted as a departure and pushing the boundaries, Noctu is traditional Irish dancing at its core - erect posture, unmoving arms, and quick powerful movement of the legs. But it is also more intimate with only 15 or so dancers.

The dancers share their experiences - from desiring to dance while not quite having the right body type to being teased for being a "sissy". The pieces are all nice but the gem in this Irish dance play is the end and it is absolutely wonderful!!

I found a clip of the piece - Firebird/Underworld - on and am a little hesitant to include it here since it does not do justice to experiencing it in person and seeing the dancers stare intently at you as they dance in the cocoon of the Irish Repertory Theatre.

But here it is anyway...

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