Friday, August 26, 2011

The Shocking Ending

In John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves, the talentless Artie Shaughnessy dreams of becoming a famous songwriter in Hollywood. When things don't work out...instead of returning to his mundane life as a zookeeper...we have a shocking ending.

In Karoline Leach's Tryst (which I observed from one of those horrible side seats at the Irish Repertory Theatre), conman George Love continues his hustle by wooing and marrying hat maker Adelaide Pinchin. The plan - after the honeymoon of course - is to then steal her money, run off, and move on to the next pathetic woman to rip off. However, the plan changes when Adelaide realizes what is going on, calls him out on his ploy, and then...we have a shocking ending.

Poor productions, poor writing or a combination of both? I am not sure, but the shocking endings in The House of Blue Leaves at the Walter Kerr Theatre and Tryst at the Irish Repertory Theatre just did not add up for me. 

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