Friday, August 12, 2011

Playlist Addition: Music from "The Book of Mormon"

So, I have been rocking my special 1.99 album download of The Book of Mormon. While I love the whole album, I find myself playing the following tracks over and over. Therefore, I am adding them to my Broadway Playlist.

1) Turn It Off 

This song is a good example of using humor to bring up a sad matter. Just repress your feelings and do not deal with issues. Simply "turn it off like a light switch." Sad!

2) I Believe

Well, I blogged about God changing his mind about about black people after the Tony telecast. Now let's see, 
"Ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America" 
Garden of Eden is in Mississippi
Did I miss any? 

3) Joseph Smith American Moses

I love this song because it wraps up the show. This tune is not much better than Hasa Diga Eebowai but it is hilarious as hell - just as it was to watch. A culmination of the book according to Arnold. Funny, funny, funny!!!

I have to give a special mention to Man Up - which is what I feel like telling the House as they work through the debt ceiling. Also, I was reminded of Two by Two when I spotted two pairs of Mormons in Wildwood NJ on my way back to the city from my Cape May Rachel Crothers getaway. Finally, I just couldn't add Hasa Diga Eebowai to the list; if I can't play it in front of my mother, it doesn't go on the list. E9GHGRQXKJR3

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