Monday, July 4, 2011

Quarter Two Theater Roundup!!

On this beautiful fourth of July, I am stuck indoors ill. The good thing though is that I have time to reflect on the great theater I saw this quarter - my most prolific theater going quarter - and get through Patti LuPone's memoir. So, here is the best of what I saw:   

1. Without a doubt, my top pick is Sleep No More. Recently, a good friend of mine and his wife went to experience Sleep No More. As I spoke to him, I got all excited again and am seriously debating going to this theatrical art installation for the second time. 

2. Next is The Book of Mormon. On the same day, I blogged about the irony of a black girl humming I Believe, I won the Mormon lottery and experience the magic of this big flashy Broadway musical along with Mayor Bloomberg, Katie Couric and yes, seniors (even though I said that this was not your mother's musical).

Before, I move on, I must give a special shout out to for their limited time only $1.99 download of the cast recording.

3. Selecting the third production is difficult because I saw so many wonderful production this quarter. But I have to go with The Normal Heart. Ellen Barkin's AIDS plea and all those names projected across the Golden Theatre will remain in my memory for a very long time.  

My special mentions:

I found the story behind the Classic Stage Company's Unnatural Acts so fascinating that I ran home and read the original article in The Harvard Crimson. What is amazing about watching this production and a production such as The Scottsboro Boys (from last year) is that in one person's lifetime the world can change. Some 90 years ago, Harvard destroyed several people's lives for being gay; yet last week, NY passed a gay marriage bill. Some 80 years ago, nine black boys' lives were destroyed when they were falsely accused of raping two white girls; yet, in 2008, the US elected its first black president.

Finally, I have to mention two Off Broadway gems - the Classic Stage Company's The School for Lies and the Mint Theater Company's A Little Journey. I did not get a chance to blog about Rachel Crother's A Little Journey, but what a joy to watch this production, the costumes and clever carousel. I am still amazed how the Mint Theater is able to fit so much on its small stage.

This quarter reminded me of all that I love about the theater. It can make you feel, think; it can give you hope!!

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