Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solo Acts - "No Child" and "Ghetto Klown"

Nilaja Sun is Fierce

Having recently watched the film Waiting for Superman, I immediately purchased a ticket for Nilaja Sun's No Child as I browsed through the theater selections available at


Oh what a wise decision because it was a joy to watch Ms. Sun as she dramatizes her experiences as a teacher-artist and her attempts to get a class of Bronx high school inner city kids to put on a play. She inhabits 15 or so characters - teachers, principal, students, security guards, janitor and of course herself.


At the end of the performance, I overheard an audience member at the Barrow Street Theatre comment to another that Ms. Sun is fierce. Indeed, she is. She is definitely a fine addition to that distinguished group of solo performers, including the great Anna Deavere Smith and Sarah Jones (who I hope we will see again soon on the NYC stage).

John Leguizamo is Funny
While I did not find Ghetto Klown as thought-provoking as some of Mr. Leguizamo’s earlier works, it sure was a lot of fun to watch.

I could not help but giggle throughout the performance as the energetic Mr. Leguizamo told tales about his entrance into acting, his agent, his competition, A list actors on the set of the films he appeared in, his romantic relationships, (grand)parents and writing his five one man autobiographical shows. The break dancing, subway rides, even attending Murray Bergtrum took me back.

You can always count on Mr. Leguizamo, born in Columbia but grew up right here in our backyard Queens, for an entertaining evening at the theater.

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