Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mark Rylance Deserves Another Tony Award

I did not want to see Jez Butterworth's Jeruslaem on Broadway. When I looked at the marquee and saw an unshaven Mark Rylance in a filthy tank top guzzling some concoction, the show just seemed dirty and raucous experience. But after going through what is hot on Broadway, I couldn't not go. The reviews and buzz have been consistently great, and Mark Rylance's performance as Johnny "Rooster" Byron was the only performance I had not seen that was nominated for a Tony for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play

So, I headed over to the Music Box Theatre, secured a rush ticket in the "rooster" row of the theater and experienced the magic that is Mark Rylance for roughly three hours.

While I did not get all the references in this play which takes place in England, I simply could not take my eyes off Mark Rylance during this performance. Some say that it is easier to play over the top characters and some say that endurance should not be confused for quality. However, Mark Rylance owns and commands this role. He is magnetic. And without a doubt, he deserves the Tony for the 110% performance he delivers.

Link to review of Jerusalem on Broadway.

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