Monday, June 6, 2011

"Catch Me if You Can" vs. "Baby It’s You" - Part I

Shortly before the intermission ended at a recent performance of Catch Me If You Can, I overheard an interesting question between two unseen gentlemen sitting behind me in the mezzanine section of the theater. The question, which I am sure the producers of both musicals would not be happy with, was: Which show is worse – Catch Me If You Can or Baby It’s You?

At the time of the question, I had not seen Baby It’s You. However, since then, I have and find the question even more interesting. So, before I disclose the answer to the question, some background on the two musicals. 

Actual events
Actual events
Young fraudster and the FBI agent after him
Housewife discovers The Shirelles and creates Sceptor Records 
Norbert Leo Butz (as Carl Hanratty) and Aaron Tveit (as Frank Abagnale Jr.)
Beth Leavel (as Florence Greenberg)
Tony Nominations
3 – Musical, Performance by an Actor, Sound Design, Orchestration
1 – Best Performance by an Actress
3 Mixed and 2 Bad
1 Mixed and 4 Bad

After expressing disbelief that the first act of Catch Me if You Can ended with a Christmas song, one of the gentleman declared that Baby It’s You was worse. The question was raised at intermission. So, whether the gentlemen recanted at the conclusion of the show, I do not know.

Somehow though, I suspect that he did not.

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