Wednesday, December 7, 2011

***Gift Ideas for the Theatergoer***

With the holiday season upon us, here are a few ideas for gifts to your theaterloving friends and family.

TheaterMania Gold Club Membership
I love seat filler programs and think that they are a great bargain for frequent theatergoers. As an example, a standard TheaterMania Gold Club membership costs $99. This is a steal and can be easily given as a gift by checking out this

Theater Subscription of Gift Certificate
If you know the recipient's favorite theater company, then purchase a subscription or gift certificates from that company. Using the wonderful Signature Theatre Company as an example, you can purchase gift certificates
here or a give a subscription here. If you don't know which theater company to select, then simply get TKTS gift certificates. Check out details here

Donation to a Theater Company
Many theater companies rely on individual contributions. You can help support the arts by making a contribution on the recipient's behalf to his or her favorite theater company. Again, using Signature Theatre Company as an example, you can do so at this

Opera Glasses
Because my theater budget is not unlimited, I find myself sitting in the rear mezzanine at times. This is when I pull out my opera glasses. Hayneedle's has a nice selection of reasonably prices glasses.

Hat Box
I don't know anyone who is not a Stephen Sondheim fan. His Hat Box, which includes his collected lyrics and anecdotes about his work, is out just in time for the holiday season. It includes Look, I Made a Hat and Finishing the Hat. Check it out

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